First Paragraph:

In the text block below write your first paragraph. In this paragraph state the issue your essay addresses , your position on this issue , and your reasons in support of this position. Specifically, in this paragraph you want to briefly state your argument being careful to identify your premises and conclusion with the use of signal words such as "since", "because", "therefore" etc.. Do not use this paragraph to make sweeping claims that relate distantly to your argument or to provide background information. Your aim in this paragraph is only to convey your argument as succinctly and as clearly as possible.

Body Paragraphs

In this paragraph discuss one of the reasons cited in the first paragraph. Specifically, your aim in this paragraph is to present evidence in support of the truth of this premise i.e., give reasons why it should be accepted as true. For your argument to be sound, all of the premises must be true, so in this and subsequent paragraphs ( one for each premise) you want to present whatever evidence you have for believing that your premises are true. Think of these paragraphs as sub-arguments - one for each premise.

Penultimate Paragraph:

In this paragraph discuss the underlying assumptions (if any) which your argument relies upon. (Focus your attention primarily on those which your reading audience may not share.) In addition, identify and discuss possible objections to your argument with the aim of showing how they can be overcome.

Concluding Paragraph:

In this paragraph briefly restate your argument and discuss the logical relationship between your premises (reasons) and your conclusion (position). Another requirement for your argument to be sound is that the premises must provide logical support for your conclusion, so in this paragraph you want to show how your conclusion follows from your premises . The aim is to show your readers that if they accept your premises they are logically committed to accepting your conclusion.