Steps for Successfully Completing Note Cards
1. REMEMBER- ALL INFORMATION IN YOUR RESEARCH PAPER WILL BE ON YOUR NOTE CARDS (excluding known info like your intro and conclusion)
2. Choosing Your Subtopics
a. These are going to be how you organize your body paragraphs in your paper
b. Ie: Pollution
i. sources of air pollution
ii. health problems of air pollution
iii. methods to control air pollution
iv. legal aspects of air pollution
3. Writing Your Source Card
a. Open up your internet site
b. Open up easy bib also
c. Select what type of source you are citing (journal, database, website…)
d. Fill in the information asked for
i. Any information you type into easy bib goes on your source card as well
1. You can copy and paste your final citation into a word document
2. Print it out and tape it to your source card
ii. No author? No date of publication? No publisher?
1. Look at the entire site for information (very bottom of site)
2. Click on the homepage- look for editors
3. If two out of three of these cannot be found, it’s not a good site to use



e. Label your source card “#1” and set it aside
f. Grab another card and put “#1” in the upper right hand corner
i. Read the first paragraph of your site
1. Does it provide information useable for your paper?
a. If yes, what subtopic does it cover?
i. Put the subtopic category in the upper left hand corner
ii. Write a summary/quote of the information- IF IT IS WORD FOR WORD, PUT IT IN QUOTES
b. If no, proceed to the next paragraph
g. Grab another card and put “#1” in the upper right hand corner
i. Read the second paragraph of your site
1. Repeat steps from above
2. If it’s on the same subtopic, put it on the same card as paragraph one
3. If it’s about a different subtopic, that’s OK- that’s the point of the note cards- write the new subtopic in the upper left hand corner and begin summarizing


h. Put your note cards somewhere safe!!!
4. How I will grade
a. Those using traditional note cards
i. 5 Sources- Contains all info needed to easybib information
ii. Shoot for 5 Note cards per source- No more than 50% of information came from one site- Concise information- not plagiarized- one subtopic per note card
iii. At least 30 cards
b. Those using OneNote
i. 5 Sources
ii. At least 15 bullets or 5 summaries (at least 3 sentences long) from each source- concise information- not plagiarized- one subtopic per note card
5. The question over Wikipedia…
a. The source can be edited
i. The site tries its hardest to catch incorrect information and change it as quickly as possible
ii. They rank close to Britannica for the amount of solid information
i. Due to the fact that there can be skewed information, colleges will not allow it to be on a works cited page
ii. I will let you use it, but at your own discretion