A. Brief comments leading into Thesis Statement
B. The rich background of Shakespeare’s life, including his early
years, his marriage, his works, and his later years, provides
his readers an important glimpse into one of history’s
greatest writers.

II. BODY - Shakespeare's Early Life, Marriage, Works, Later Years
A. Early life in Stratford
1. Shakespeare's family
a. Shakespeare's father
b. Shakespeare's mother
2. Shakespeare's marriage
a. Life of Anne Hathaway
b. Reference in Shakespeare's Poems
B. Shakespeare's works
1. Plays
a. Tragedies
i. Hamlet
ii. Romeo and Juliet
b. Comedies
i. The Tempest
ii. Much Ado About Nothing
c. Histories
i. King John
ii. Richard III
iii. Henry VIII
2. Sonnets
3. Other poems
C. Shakespeare's Later Years
1. Last two plays
2. Retired to Stratford
a. Death
b. Burial
A. Summary
1. Shakespeare's early life
2. Shakespeare's works
3. Shakespeare's later years
B. Thesis reworded
C. Concluding statement