Steps to Writing Your Research Paper

A research paper presents the results of your investigations on a selected topic. Based on your own thoughts and the facts and ideas you have gathered from a variety of sources, a research paper is a creation that is uniquely yours. The experience of gathering, interpreting, and documenting information, developing and organizing ideas and conclusions, and communicating them clearly will prove to be an important and satisfying part of your education.

Step One: Choose Your Topic
Step Two: List Key Words
Step Three: Get an Overview of the Subject
  • Tests out your research topic
    • Is it too general? If yes, then you'll have to narrow it down (smaller categories)
    • Is there not enough information? If yes, then "take a step back" (larger categories)
  • Argumentative Research Sites
  • Definition Research Sites
  • Ways to Save Your Sites
    • Favorite on Your Computer
    • Use Delicious if You are Using More than One Computer
    • Copy and Paste Links into a Word Document
Step Four: Create Source Cards
Step Five: Focusing A Topic
Step Six: Write a Statement of Purpose
Step Seven: Begin Researching
Step Eight: Writing Your Thesis Statement
Step Nine: Creating an Outline
Step Ten: Begin Writing Rough Draft