Tips to Writing Body Paragraphs
Topic Sentences- State the main idea of a paragraph
· Tells the reader what information to expect in the paragraph.
· Tells how details are related in the paragraph
· Helps focus on the main idea
· Effective Topic Sentence
o Is Specific
o Clearly states what the details in the paragraph have in common
Body of a Paragraph- Main part of paragraph
· Present statements that help reader understand your topic
· Provides supporting sentences that provide specific details that explain or illustrate your topic
Types of Supporting Sentences
· Fact
o Something that can be proven
o Include Statistical, historical and technical information
o Ie: “Seventy percent of company employees attended the exercise program”
· Example
o Something that is representative of a larger group
o IE: “Ellie Burns was one of the workers who attended the exercise program during the lunch hour.”
· Reason
o Presented in a statement that explains or proves something
o Ie: “The on-the-job exercise program is beneficial because it makes the employees healthier and more productive.”
Concluding Sentences
· Helps readers recall or understand more clearly the point of the paragraph
· Reminds reader of what the facts show by writing a concluding sentence
· Restates the topic sentence or summarizes the supporting statements
· Offers a final comment which may be
o A logical conclusion
o A personal impression
o A question
o A recommendation for a course of action